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Real estate is more than just buying and selling houses.  There is big part of this process that depends on the expertise of professionals and I recognize also that it is an emotional process that can be exciting... or stressful... if not managed with skill and knowledge. 

Barrie is enjoying healthy growth and remains a great place to invest financially.
I can say that we are an enthusiastic part of these exciting times and offer the preparedness that is necessary to be effective in this market. Firstly, we both have lived in and around the Barrie area and have personally invested in the local real estate market.  We have also had the privilege to represent numerous buyer's and seller's over the years.  We are  members of the Barrie community and have a personal investment in this area too.  We are here to listen to you and your goals and will work to represent your interests to bring the greatest financial and personal results.  We believe that the foundation of our success relies on the relationships that we build with our clients  and we have always been available for our clients....anytime, anywhere.  Those relationships extend far beyond any transaction...We have forged many long, lasting relationships and remain "in touch" long after the purchase and sale.   We understand that this job is more than a 9 to 5 can count on us to be accessible when you need answers.

We are also registered with the IRP-DND relocation suppliers and work with our military clients to make the relocation process easy and stress free.   We are very aware of the different circumstances that the military client has to work with.  Also, as a member of The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB),  we are able to offer our sellers and buyers greater access to a very large market outside of Barrie.  We have become an extension, to some extent, of the Toronto area and being able to market your property to this prospective and large audience proves to be a market advantage time after time.
There is a lot to think about when buying or selling and we know that we can simplify the process for you.  We will make sure that you receive all the information you need to make your real estate decisions.   Together, Mandy and I look forward to meeting with you to build a strategy that realizes all your goals and visions!

Mandy Johnson/Realtor - Marketing Director

Bespoke Real Estate

Service Tailor Made for You

Bespoke - that which is tailor made to the needs of the client.  I have been tireless in bringing my clients the best possible real estate experience.  I have always listened to my clients goals and "tailor" those objectives into a plan that translates into financial and personal real estate success.  I am committed to being available and immediately accessible to answer your questions or  to follow up on your real estate requests.  The market is ever changing and the professional that you choose to work with you must be current, informed....and motivated.  I can promise that my circle is working in your best interest-always. This year, I have supported my business with additional professionals that are equally available to create a completely superior client experience. Mandy and I work together to raise the level of service for all of our clients. With over many years combined sales experience, a strong marketing presence and the ability to develop and maintain client and industry relationships, I believe we are the best full service Team in Barrie.